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Ford Recommended Oils

Right Oil | Right Car

Using the recommended Ford oil will protect and maintain your engine performance. Too low could be too late. Check your oil regularly between servicing and if necessary top up with right oil.

How to top-up your oil

  1. Park on a level surface. Turn off the engine and wait for 10 minutes. 
  2. Take out the dipstick and wipe away any oil using a lint free cloth. Re-insert the dipstick fully, take out again and read the level.
    Please note: The difference between the maximum and minimum level is at least half a litre.
  3. Remove the oil filler cap and add a little oil if required (aim is to reach the MAX level). 
  4. Wait for a few minutes and re-check to see if more oil is needed to reach the MAX level.

We recommend using the right oil for your car to keep it in the best shape for longer, if your not sure contact us.

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